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Shields mark 3.


Shields mark 2.


Shields mark 1

ShieldsCircle Shields are a system that projects a protective barrier around your ship, which absorbs damage until it is removed. In detail:

  • Laser blasts and asteroids will remove one layer of shields if there are any layers and damage the ship if there are not. An ion blast will ionize the shield system if one hits a shield layer. Removed layers of shields regenerate quickly so long as there is sufficient reactor power in the shield system.
  • Beams cannot reduce shield layers by hitting them, but can damage ships through shields if they are strong enough. For instance, the Glaive Beam does three damage to each room it hits, or two damage per room through one shield layer, or one damage per room though two shield layers.
  • Having shields up reduces hull damage due to solar flares (as noted in an in-game tip), though fires cannot be prevented.
  • Missiles, bombs, teleporters, boarding drones, and the Artillery Beam ignore shields entirely. Cloaking and defense drones counter some of these.

Regeneration rate


regen rate

In % Example Seconds
1 0% Unmanned 2.0 sec
2 10% Manned with shields skill lvl 0 1.8 sec
3 15% Unmanned + 1xShield Charge Booster 1.7 sec
4 20% Manned with shields skill lvl 1 1.6 sec
5 25% Manned with shields skill lvl 0 + 1x Shield Charge Booster 1.5 sec
6 30% Manned with shields skill lvl 2 *OR* Unmanned + 2x Shield Charge Booster 1.4 sec
7 35% Manned with shields skill lvl 1 + 1x Shield Charge Booster 1.3 sec
8 40% Manned with shields skill lvl 0 + 2x Shield Charge Booster 1.2 sec
9 45% Manned with shields skill lvl 2 + 1x Shield Charge Booster 1.1 sec
10 50% Manned with shields skill lvl 1 + 2x Shield Charge Booster 1.0 sec
11 55% Manned with shields skill lvl 0 + 3x Shield Charge Booster 0.9 sec
12 60% Manned with shields skill lvl 2 + 2x Shield Charge Booster 0.8 sec
13 65% Manned with Shields skill lvl 1 + 3x Shield Charge Booster 0.7 sec
14 75% Manned with shields skill lvl 2 + 3x Shield Charge Boosters 0.5 sec

Every two points in shields provides one layer of shielding. Keep in mind that upgraded shields still need to be powered in order to provide increased protection.







1 50* Ftlgame-scrap
2 100 Ftlgame-scrap 1st Layer
3 20 Ftlgame-scrap
4 30 Ftlgame-scrap 2nd Layer
5 40 Ftlgame-scrap
6 60 Ftlgame-scrap 3rd Layer
7 80 Ftlgame-scrap
8 100 Ftlgame-scrap

4th Layer

9 0** Ftlgame-scrap
10 0** Ftlgame-scrap

5th Layer

  1. The only ships that can buy a shield system, The Nesasio & DA-SR 12‎, get the system and first two bars for 125 scrap; since the Noether starts with the system and first bar, and requires 100 scrap to get the second bar, the system and first bar effectively cost 125-100=25 scrap. Note that you cannot buy only the first bar for 25; you must buy both bars for 125. If you visited both shops in the same sector while not having the shield system, and both shops showed shield system available, it is possible to buy the shield system twice. However, this provides no additional benefit.
  2. Some enemy ships can have 5 layers of shields.

A variant of the regular shield, called the Zoltan Shield, is present only on Zoltan ships and on the Rebel Flagship. It is an additional layer of damage-absorbing barrier, but it is coloured Zoltan-Green. It can be regenerated slowly with an Shield Overcharger Drone or at once with an FTL jump. It is available on all ships with "Zoltan Shield" augmentation which are Zoltan Cruisers, and can also be regenerated over regular shields using Overcharger Drone.


  • Since version 1.03.3, your crew member now only gains experience when the shields are hit. If you are fighting an enemy that cannot penetrate your shields, you can still safely level your crew members' shield skill by letting the enemy attack you.
  • Manning the shields increase their recharge rate by 10%; after the first level up a crew member gives you a 20% increased recharge rate; while a fully leveled crew member gives a 29% bonus instead.