PilotingSkill Piloting Skill[1]Edit

Crew members who control the helm subsystem gain one point of experience for each incoming projectile that is dodged during combat. This includes asteroids, so long as you are in combat at the time. (Note that the dodges do not count while your ship is under the effects of +60% evasion from a cloak.) Remaining in an asteroid field and dodging asteroids after combat ends will not raise Piloting skill.

This can be explicitly trained by finding an enemy that cannot break through your shields, and letting them fire at you. Increasing your dodge chance (i.e. more power to engines) will help this occur more quickly, but even with the default chance you can max out the skill eventually.

Skill level of crew member Manning bonus
PilotingSkill Level 0 (White) Evasion +5%
PilotingRank1 Level 1 (Green) Evasion +7%
PilotingRank2 Level 2 (Gold) Evasion +10%

EnginesSkill Engine SkillEdit

Exactly the same as piloting, crew members manning the engines gain one point of XP for each projectile evaded while uncloaked in combat - and so it can be trained in the same way. Pilot and engine skill, if you have crew manning the systems together, will level up at the same time.

Skill level of crew member Manning bonus
EnginesSkill Level 0 (White) Evasion +5%
EnginesRank1 Level 1 (Green) Evasion +7%
EnginesRank2 Level 2 (Gold) Evasion +10%

WeaponsSkill Weapon Control SkillEdit

Crew members who man weapons control gain one point of experience for each weapon that is fired. It doesn't matter whether it hits or misses, or whether it can do damage (e.g. a beam weapon fired at a shield).  Multi-shot weapons such as burst lasers still count as a single fire order and hence a single XP.

This can be trained by firing non-lethal weapons (e.g. ones that do ion damage) repeatedly against a target that cannot damage you, or firing bomb type weapons at your own ship.

Skill level of crew member Manning bonus
WeaponsSkill Level 0 (White) 10% faster charge
WeaponsRank1 Level 1 (Green) 15% faster charge
WeaponsRank2 Level 2 (Gold) 20% faster charge

ShieldsSkill Shield SkillEdit

Crew members manning the shields gain one point of experience every time the shield is hit during combat, not when they recharge. This prevents turning them on and off to gain skill. Being hit by enemy lasers and flak will increase Shield skill, however Asteroid strikes and ion damage will not.

This can be trained by letting a target that cannot break through all of your shields repeatedly take one layer down. If you stayed in an asteroid field after a battle, prior to Advanced Edition you would gain experience in the shield skill per asteroid that collided with you. However, as of Advanced Edition release, this is no longer the case. Once a battle is over, you stop gaining the experience.

Skill level of crew member Manning bonus
ShieldsSkill Level 0 (White) 10% faster recharge
ShieldsRank1 Level 1 (Green) 20% faster recharge
ShieldsRank2 Level 2 (Gold) 30% faster recharge

RepairSkill Repair SkillEdit

Crew members gain one point of experience for getting the "finishing blow" when repairing a subsystem. Note that hull breaches provide no repair experience.

If you choose one crewmember to do all your repairs, you'll concentrate the experience points and level up faster. For speed, you can still have other crew help with repairs, provided they leave the room just in time to ensure the experience goes to the designated repairman (or repairwoman).

This skill can potentially be trained using mind control when your ship has been boarded. Lead the mind controlled boarder to a system room with a high enough durability by leaving it unmanned, then when the mind control wears off, allow the boarder to partially damage the system. Simply mind control them again before they destroy the system and they will assist your crew in repairing it. Note that it is possible for the mind controlled boarder to get credit for a repaired bar instead of your crew, denying them the experience.

Skill level of crew member Manning bonus
RepairSkill Level 0 (White) 0% faster repair
RepairRank1 Level 1 (Green) 10% faster repair
RepairRank2 Level 2 (Gold) 20% faster repair

CombatSkill Hand to Hand Combat SkillEdit

Crew members gain one point of experience for getting the finishing blow when fighting an enemy crew member or when giving the final point for one bar of damage to a system / subsystem.

This generally gets trained in "real" situations. However, since XP is gained for taking out systems, a few extra XP can be gained from boarding if one tries to take out the enemy's systems before the crew.

With the Advanced Edition, an enemy ship with a Clone Bay can present an opportunity to train this skill. As long as you can prolong the battle (and avoid damaging the system), the Clone Bay will keep spawning enemies for your boarders to fight.

Skill level of crew member Manning bonus
CombatSkill Level 0 (White) 0% increased damage
CombatRank1 Level 1 (Green) 10% increased damage
CombatRank2 Level 2 (Gold) 20% increased damage

Complete Skills Table[2]Edit

Note: The first value for XP/level is the XP required for the Humans.

Skill XP/level Bonus XP Source
PilotingSkill Piloting 13/15 +5/7/10% Evasion in Piloting Dodge enemy fire in Piloting (no cloaking)
EnginesSkill Engines 13/15 +5/7/10% Evasion in Engines Dodge enemy fire in Engines (no cloaking)
ShieldsSkill Shields 50/55 +10/20/30% Shield recharge rate Absorb enemy fire
WeaponsSkill Weapons 58/65 +10/15/20% Weapons charge rate Shoot weapons
RepairSkill Repair 16/18 -/+10%/+20% Faster repair speed Repair damaged system
CombatSkill Combat 7/8 -/+10%/+20% Kill enemy unit/damage enemy systems one point