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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Slug Home Nebula
  2. Slug Controlled Nebula
    in a Nebula.

A Slug transport ship is stationed near the beacon with a military escort ship. They message you, "We have been waiting for a customer for agesss. Care to see our waresss?"

  1. Decline.
    • "Oh well... We ssshall wait here then." You cautiously put distance between your ships before preparing to jump.
      • Nothing happens.
  2. Ask to see the goods.
    • "Before we get ahead of ourssselves, I need to explain sssome ground ruless of our transsaction. Thesse are dangerous times, yess?"
      • "Firssst... We accept no tradesss, couponss or refundss. Purchasess are final. Underssstand?"
        1. Understood.
          • "We hold no liability for productsss damaged post ssale. We offer no insurance or customer sservice. Not a problem?"
            1. Not a problem.
              • "Great. Let me show you our waress. It's not often I meet patient alienss, have this complimentary fuel as well."
              • "During our discussion, my man hass taken the liberty of disabling your weaponss to prevent any complications while completing our... transssaction..." You suddenly register multiple weapon locks, but your own weapons are not responding. Get out of there!
              • "Thank you. If you could do me one more courtesssy... please die quietly." You suddenly hear gunshots aboard the ship. He must have been stalling for time while they boarded your ship!
            2. Forget this.
              • "Very well... Impatient alienss..." You prepare to jump.
                • Nothing happens.
              • You prepare to leave but notice noises in your ship. It looks like the merchant was trying to stall you while they hacked into your systems. You barely have time to order a red alert before a military ship flies through the clouds intent on your destruction!
        2. Forget this.
          • "Fine... Not everyone appreciates good dealss..."
            • Nothing happens.
        3. (Slug Crew) Our Slug senses someone aboard the ship. Investigate it.
          • It looks like the merchant was trying to stall you while someone teleported on board. You catch him before he could finish and he teleports away. You immediately prepare for battle.


This event is called "NEBULA_SLUG_FAKE_STORE" in the datafiles.