Stores can be found at designated beacons or in events. They offer goods in exchange for scrap. Unlike randomly-occurring trades, you cannot sell anything that isn't equipment. The text that displays at the beginning is randomized and can vary depending on your present sector.


The store always has Fuel, Missiles, Drone parts and Repairs, making them one of the few ways to repair your ship if damaged for a small fee of 2-4 scrap per 1 hull. In the base game they also sell two specific selections of items, however in Advanced Edition, stores can sell between two to four different selections, with tabs to indicate pages. These selections are typically random, and each shows only random three items, which can occasionally be duplicates. They can be:


Systems can be installed on your ship and will be placed in a pre-specified location. Once maximum systems are reached, the only system to show in stores afterward will be the Medbay/Clone Bay, depending upon which you don't have installed. The systems can be:

System cost
System Cost
ShieldsSymbol Shields 125 Ftlgame-scrap
MedbaySymbol Medbay 50 Ftlgame-scrap
CloneBaySymbol Clone Bay* 50 Ftlgame-scrap
DroneControlSymbol Drone Control 75** Ftlgame-scrap

85** Ftlgame-scrap

HackingSymbol Hacking* 80 Ftlgame-scrap
MindControlSymbol Mind Control* 75 Ftlgame-scrap
CrewTeleporterSymbol Crew Teleporter 90 Ftlgame-scrap
CloakingSymbol Cloaking 150 Ftlgame-scrap
SensorsSymbol Sensors 40 Ftlgame-scrap
DoorSystemSymbol Door System 60 Ftlgame-scrap
BackupBatterySymbol Backup Battery* 35 Ftlgame-scrap

*Advanced Edition Content

**Drone Control cost depends on which Drone pairs with it at time of purchase. Drone Control + System Repair Drone costs 75 Ftlgame-scrap. Drone Control + Combat/Defense Drone costs 85 Ftlgame-scrap.


Various weapons can be sold at a store. It can seem like stores are selling better weapons in later sectors, but in actuality the inventory is randomized and it becomes easier to notice expensive weapons being sold when you have enough scrap to afford them. Most weapons in the game will be sold here except some special weapons that can only be obtained by using certain ships, having certain events occur, or by shopping in the secret sector.


All Drone schematics can be found for sale in a store, however your ship must have a Drone Control system installed to power them, and drone parts to expend in using them. As an incentive, purchasing a Drone Control provides a free schematic.


Augmentations can influence your ship in an abundance of different ways. Just like weapons, most augmentations in the game will be sold, with the exception of some ship-exclusive examples like Slug Repair Gel.


All alien races in the game are for sale somewhere. In later sectors, crewmembers can even come with random, pre-mastered skills for no additional cost. The prices of crew are:

Crew cost
Race Cost
MaleHuman1 FemaleHuman1 Humans 45 Ftlgame-scrap
Engi1 Engi 50 Ftlgame-scrap
Mantis2 Mantis 55 Ftlgame-scrap
Rockmen4 Rockmen 55 Ftlgame-scrap
Zoltan2 Zoltan 60 Ftlgame-scrap
Slug4 Slug 45 Ftlgame-scrap
Crystal1 Crystal 60 Ftlgame-scrap (only purchasable in the secret sector)
Lanius1 Lanius* 50 Ftlgame-scrap (only purchasable in Abandoned Sector)

*Advanced Edition Content