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Tactical Approach Achievement.png

Tactical Approach is a Ship Achievement for the Stealth Cruiser.

"In the Stealth Cruiser, get to sector 8 without jumping to a beacon with an environmental danger."

This achievement is easiest to earn if the Long-Ranged Scanners augmentation is kept. Neither Rebel-Controlled beacons nor Nebula count as environmental hazards, but Plasma Storms, Asteroid Fields, Red-Giant Stars and Pulsars do.

RNG can be frustrating.

Anti-Ship Batteries do not count as environmental hazards.

Large asteroid field does not count as an environmental hazard, but encountering the pirate ship will count as one (confirmed on v1.6.7).

Sometimes due to beacon placement you will be forced to go to an environmental hazard if there is no alternate route. If you are desperate and/or you feel lucky enough, you may want to jump around a few beacons until the rebel fleet reaches the environmental hazard - at that point, said hazard will be overwritten (excluding Plasma Storms) and you can safely pass through. Assuming you survive the rebel ship encounter, that is.