This template is used to indicate that the same exact event was listed more than once as a possibility in the same list of events. These duplicates are made in the game to make that event more likely to happen.

In a nutshell

The higher the duplicate count, the higher the chance of encountering that subevent.

The Purpose of Duplicate Notices


  1. Aid the ship.
    • 3x: While you were fighting, the ship made a run for it.
      • Nothing happens.
    • 2x: The ship hails you "Thank you, stranger, here is some scrap we had in spare."
      • You receive 20-30 scrap.
    • The ship hails you "We thank you on behalf of the greater cause. Here is a token of our appreciation."
  2. Leave.
    • Nothing happens.

In the above example, 3x and 2x means that that subevent is listed thrice and twice in the game code, respectively. The game picks a subevent randomly, so duplicated ones are more likely to occur. This means that the 3x-event has a 3/6 (50%) chance of occurring, the 2x-event a 2/6 (33.3%) chance, and the last event a 1/6 (16.7%) chance.

Use of this template

This template should be used in the following format:

{{DuplicateEvent|<duplicate count>}}

Example: {{DuplicateEvent|3}} will result in '3x:'.

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