This template is for Random Events pages. It creates the sentence "Fight the ship___" and gives the option of adding a link to the Default Rewards. It also adds category tags to the page.

This template was created in the intention of having several options in the future, and its main purpose is to make the wiki more consistent.


{{Fight|an Enemy Ship|default=true}}
  • The green parameter is an optional parameter. This will replace the text "the ship" with the specified text. It is meant to be replaced with a specific enemy ship.
  • The orange parameter is an optional parameter. Adding this parameter will add the page to the Fights with Default Rewards-category and provide a link to the Default Rewards page. You don't have to put "true" after the equals sign, anything other than 0 should work.




Fight the ship.

Specifying ship

{{Fight|an Engi Bomber}}

Fight an Engi Bomber.

Flagging Default Rewards


Fight the ship (default rewards).

Using all parameters

{{Fight|an Engi Bomber|default=true}}

Fight an Engi Bomber (default rewards).

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