This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Slug Controlled Nebula
  2. Slug Home Nebula

As you jump in, you immediately see an impressive Slug pirate ship with "The Black Raven" painted on one side. They hail you, "Greetingsss. I am the dreaded pirate, Captain Nights. You mussst be full of fear, no? You have heard of me... no?"

  1. No.
    • "Well I have heard of you and I must see if you are as dangerousss as they say. I challenge you!"
      1. Accept his challenge.
      2. Decline.
      3. (Slug Crew) Engage in a duel of the mind.
        • Your Slug crewman's eyes glaze over as the two telepaths concentrate. You can only wonder what is happening. After a short time your comrade grunts in pain and collapses onto the floor, stunned. Nights responds, "Hah! It'll take more than that to defeat me! Let the real battle begin!"
        • Your Slug crewman's eyes glaze over as the two telepaths concentrate. You are powerless to help, but after a short time your comrade shakes off the daze and appears victorious.
          • His face contorted with pain, Nights concedes his defeat: "If this is the caliber of subordinatesss you keep, there iss no way we can defeat you. Take thisss and let us leave in shame."

Fighting the Black RavenEdit

  • (When the ship surrenders) "I see the rumorsss are true. I yield, we are no match for you. Take this and let us leave in ssshame."
    1. Accept his surrender.
      • He transfers over the goods and starts to repair his ship.
    2. Ignore him and attack.
      • "Wait! There is no need to be...." You cut off the transmission and prepare to fire.
        • Continue the fight.
  • (After destroying enemy ship) "The Black Raven" breaks apart and you salvage the remains.
  • (After killing enemy crew) The once-dreaded pirate Nights has been killed and you proceed to loot his ship.


  • This is a donor event.
  • This event is called DONOR_BLACK_RAVEN in the data.dat file.