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"Travel to an unknown sector of the galaxy to find this powerful vessel."

Layout A[]

Crystal Cruiser A.png

"This powerful vessel is powered by the secret technologies of the lost Crystalline Beings."


See Ship Achievements/Ancestry and its linked pages for directions on unlocking the Crystal Cruiser.
Alternatively, beat the Flagship with layout A and B of every ship (excluding The Lanius Cruiser)

The name of this ship is a reference to the Bravais lattice, an arrangement of atoms forming a crystal

Layout B[]

Crystal Cruiser B.png

"Their unique racial ability makes the Crystal beings very adept at ship boarding. This ship was designed for such raiding parties."


One of the few ships with a four man Crew Teleporter; one of the few ships without starting Weapons.

Earning two of the three Crystal Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.

The name of this ship is a reference to Carnelian, a red gemstone


  • Sweet Revenge - Destroy an enemy ship with a shard from the Crystal Vengeance augment.
  • No Escape - While using the Crystal Cruiser trap 4 enemy crew inside a single room using the crystal being power or Lockdown Bomb.
  • Clash of the Titans - Destroy 10 Rock ships using the Crystal Cruiser.