Layout A[edit | edit source]

"This class of ship was decommissioned from Federation service years ago. After a number of refits and updating, this classic ship is ready for battle."


The Kestrel is the first ship type available to you in FTL, and is unlocked by default.

The Kestrel Cruisers are all named after birds.

Each Kestrel Cruiser layout has the color scheme of a different faction (Federation, Rebel, Pirate).

Layout B[edit | edit source]

"This modified Kestrel class ship was created by a laser weapon aficionado."


Earning two of the three Kestrel achievements will unlock Layout B.

The color scheme of the ship matches that of the rebel ships.

Layout C[edit | edit source]

"This model was modified by pirates to utilize newly discovered technology. It can clone lost crewmembers and stun enemies."


Getting to Sector 8 with the Kestrel Cruiser Type B and Advanced Mode enabled will unlock Layout C.

The color scheme of the ship matches that of pirate ships.

The being portrayed on the ship's decals does not appear in the game outside of other such decals.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • The United Federation - Have six unique aliens on the Kestrel Cruiser simultaneously.
  • Full Arsenal - Have 8 systems and 3 subsystems installed on the Kestrel simultaneously. (This includes the starting systems and subsystems.)
  • Tough Little Ship - As the Kestrel Cruiser, repair back to full health when it only has 1 HP remaining.
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