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"The famous Mantis thief, KazaaakplethKilik, owns this ship. You'll have to "convince" him to help you."

Layout A[]

"This warship is designed to enhance its crew for close combat missions."


See Legendary Thief KazaaakplethKilik random event.
Alternatively, defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Zoltan Cruiser.

Layout B[]

"This warship encourages sending massive boarding parties and keeping strong defense."


One of the few ships with a four man crew teleporter; one of the few ships without starting Weapons.

Earning two of the three Mantis Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.

Trivia  In legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king, who can cause death with a single glance.

Layout C[]

"With a large teleporter and weapons designed to impede enemy crew, this ship is deadly in the hands of a capable boarding party."


One of the few ships with a four man crew teleporter.

Reaching Sector 8 with the Mantis Cruiser B and Advanced Edition Content enabled will unlock layout C.

Likely a reference to the Ship of Theseus, a philosophical thought experiment.


  • Take no prisoners! - Kill the crew of 20 ships by sector 6 in the Mantis Cruiser.
  • Avast, ye scurvy dogs! - Kill 5 enemy crew in a fight without taking hull damage or losing a crew member while using the Mantis Cruiser.
  • Battle Royale - While using the Mantis Cruiser, kill the last enemy with your last crew member on their ship.