This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Civilian Sector
  2. Pirate Controlled Sector
  3. Rock Controlled Sector
  4. Rock Homeworlds
  5. Slug Controlled Nebula
  6. Slug Home Nebula
    Can also occur as a filler event in any sector.

This event can start with any of the following event introductions:

  • You find a mercenary for hire at this Beacon. Their unique skills can sometimes prove to be useful.
  • A mercenary hails you: "Greetings, friend! We've heard tell of your quest and are here to offer our valuable services."
  • There's a ship with pirate markings orbiting the nearby planet. You receive his hail: "Anything is possible, for the right price"
  • The captain of this ship claims he can provide "services" as long as you've got the scrap.
  • Mercenaries are swarming the galaxy now, knowing that their less-than-legal services are in demand during this period of unrest. One is waiting at this beacon and hails you.
  • A ship hails you: "Good sir! It seems you're having some troubles with the Rebels. I'd like to help you, but I can't afford the upkeep required on this hunk of junk I'm flying... maybe we can come to an arrangement?"

  1. Hire the mercenary to delay the Rebels.
    • The mercenary ship masks its jump signature to mimic your own and then jumps off in the opposite direction. This should keep the Rebels guessing.
      • You lose 10-25 scrap and the Rebel Fleet is delayed by 2 jumps.
  2. Hire the mercenary to scout the sector.
    • Your map has been updated.
      • You lose 10-20 scrap and your map is revealed.
  3. Fight the ship.
    • Mercenaries are worse than rebels. The only honorable course is to engage the mercenary in battle.
  4. You have no need of his services.
    • Nothing happens.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

On The Last Stand the "delay the Rebels" option will stop the spread of Rebel control, and delay the flagship.

This event is called "MERCENARY" in the datafiles.

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