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"Prove yourself to the rockmen to earn this powerful cruiser."

Layout A[]

Rock Cruiser A.png

"Similar to its designers, this super dense behemoth uses brute force to overwhelm its foes."


See the Rock war vessel encounter.
Alternatively, defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Slug cruiser.

The name Bulwark is a type of defensive wall, a reference to the Rockman culture of Strength .

Layout B[]

Rock Cruiser B.png

"With no airlocks, this ship must rely entirely on its rock crew to put out fires."


The Shivan starts without a door system, requiring 60 scrap to install. It is the only ship which does not have airlocks, preventing any sections from being vented to space except via a hull breach. If in advanced edition, Lanius crew can be used to suck air out of rooms, even if they are not in that room.

Earning two of the three Rock Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.

The name "Shivan" combined with the color scheme of Layout B is a reference to an alien race of the same name in the game Descent: Freespace.

Layout C[]

Rock Cruiser C.png

"Contact has been made with the Crystalline race and this cruiser was offered to the Federation as part of diplomatic discussions between the sister species."


Reaching sector 8 with the Rock Cruiser B with Advanced Mode enabled will unlock layout C

The name "Tektite" refers to a type of naturally-formed glass that results from meteorite impacts. This name is also used to describe a jumping spider-crab-like enemy type found in the Legend of Zelda game series.