"Learn from the Zoltan, sometimes diplomacy works."

Layout A

Zoltan Cruiser A.png

"The Zoltan's advanced shields technology give this ship an edge during each battle."


See the Unarmed Zoltan Transport random event.
Alternatively, defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Federation Cruiser .


An adjudicator is someone who presides, judges, and arbitrates during a formal dispute or competition.

Given the Zoltan more peaceful ways, and that when entering Zoltan Sectors it states" you will be given a fair trial", this seems to imply that the name was given as the Zoltan see it in a more peacekeeping role.

Layout B

Zoltan Cruiser B.png

"This ship starts with a weakened Shield system and must rely on its Zoltan shield."


The Noether starts with a weak Level 1 shield system, requiring 100 scrap to upgrade once to Level 2 and get its first shield layer.

Earning two of the three Zoltan Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.

Possibly named after Emmy Noether, a mathematician who is known for her great contributions to the fields of math and physics.

Layout C

Zoltan Cruiser C.png

"The designer of this ship was not willing to spend the money for a decent reactor. Instead it relies on its Zoltan crew and Backup Battery."


Starts with a weak Level 2 Reactor, requiring 30 scrap for upgrading the first 3 bars.

Getting to Sector 8 with the The Zoltan Cruiser Type B with Advanced Edition Content enabled will unlock Layout C.

The name "Cerenkov" may be a reference to Soviet physicist Pavel Cherenkov (or Cerenkov) or the radiation that he discovered in 1934. This radiation is produced when charged particles pass through a dielectric material at a velocity greater than the phase velocity of light in that material. It is what produces the blue glow that emanates from underwater nuclear reactors.


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