•  When I bought FTL, I expected it to be a short fun action packed game! I soon came to rename it 'Forver inTerminable [1]'Lifelong. Like all videogames I played in the passed. I soon found myself to be playing at the wroing times: during near years, when I was supposed to see my friends, I even called in sick one day so I could play. 

    I have a videogame addiction. I lose control when I play too much. My mind because to reason itself for why I should keep playing. Next thing you know my resistance shields are down and I find myself playing until the wee hours of morning. 

    I stopped cold Turkey for 6 years because I couldn't handle it. I even sometimes would binge play. I feel ashamed at the end of my playing time like I have wasted on life.

    I've recently started again and am losing control. I'm also tired not not being in control of something that seems so simple! This is my last solution before stopping cold turkey again.

    So here is my challenge for addicted or non addicted gamers who want to rise to the challenge. 2 MOVES A DAY! It's about 15minutes with any other game. Personally, this is my cut off for any game. It's *just* enough to resist temptation. If I touch the game later in the day, I lose control of my life during that day.

    I've been able to much more enjoy FTL as a strategy game and have a more pleasureful experience. For example, I get up 20 minutes early every morning and play my 2 FTL moves drinking my coffee. Then I am able to focus on my day.   

    I just started a new game after a lamentable replase. This is my ship. I will be dead honest if I relapse or not. I encourage you who are interested to post your thoughts as well. Day 1!

    If you have an idea on how we can monitor each other, I'm open. I was thinking of a chat room style forum. 

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    • 2016-01-08 à 08.13.16

      Valley Forge day 3

      It's been the third day so far and I just did my 6th jump!
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    • I really love this idea you've created. It definitely creates pacing, which is a great way to overcome any form of addition.

      I don't have a lot of time to play FTL either; full time job, wife and baby with a slew of hobbies on the side (including creating my own board game). But I still play FTL about 10-15 minutes a day.

      My trick is a little more than what you do, but the idea is the same nonetheless. 1 Sector per play period. That's it. Granted, I've played this game with well over 400 hours, so it doesn't take me long to blow through a Sector anymore. But I digress.

      Where are you at now? Are you still in the same playthrough?

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    • What a great idea as well. Sometimes imposing yourself a limit is the solution. It's funny a such a little game can keep you hooked well after 400 hours of playthough. 

      My ship has crashed and burned after my last post. I'm in a new playthrough and just started a second sector - Rock Homeworlds. 

      What's interesting is that my addiction is still arguing with myself to keep playing after. But 2 moves a day is great because I'm still able to control myself. 

      BOARD GAME? What style are you making?

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    • Rock Homeworlds for Sector 2? Might come in handy if you hit the right events.

      Well, my boardgame is a bit of a eurostyle strategy game. Each player controls their own group of heroes. You have to manage three main resources: Might, Agility and Intellect. The amounts you have vary, based on the heroes you control (and you can certainly customize your party).

      Anyway, the game is played by travelling around the game board (kingdom) completing challenges (quests) by spending resources to control (influence) tiles. You can use instant spells (fates) to aid you, or mess with your opponents, and the player with the most reputation (game points) at the end of the game wins.

      It's still in testing, but I'm having another playtest tomorrow. :D

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    • How did your playtest go?

      What a neat concept. Is it reserved for a traditional board game or can it be played as a software?

      Unfortunately, I had a relapse lol. I ended up finishing the playthrough (no thanks to the rock homeworld). Even though the Rebel Starship got what it deserved, I showed no control. I was even about to start another game. What stopped me was a phone call and a bad headache lol. 

      I erased my profile and am going to avoid it for the next couple weeks. Just so I can calm down a little. Hopefully, having erased everything kind of makes the game less compelling for me to play again. 

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    • That's quite a tactic, erasing your profile. I know from experience that, when I wipe everything, it drives me to play even harder to get it all back! But I digress... :D

      Playtest went amazingly well. Had a lot of great feedback and I'm already working on the changes, some of which I'm taking a break from to write this response. This is solely a board game, but I do have plans for a video game down the line. I'm not as good with coding as I hoped, so I'll be working with a partner to tackle that whenever it gets started.

      I had a horrendous run with the Engi C on Hard Mode. Made it all the way to the Flagship, and I greedily dove for a second repair before fighting. Instead, I got cut off from the Base, and I had to dive through two Rebel Controlled locations before getting to the Flagship. I got pummelled on the way there, AND THEN the Flagship Hacked my Shields. I had no chance. It was brutal.

      Hoping my run this week fairs a little better. (And yes, I do 1 FTL run a week. Pacing at it's finest!)

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    • Engi C is a really good ship but that flagship's hack is terrible! Everytime it tries to hack my systems it gets my weapons or mind control! In one of my plays whenever I have drone control, make sure to have a defence drone 2 and anti-drone working and then the flagship's hacking and boarding drones are rendered useless. But still, good job on hard! Many thumbs up for you.

      Yeah, it's my last try before erasing the game and stopping. I don't really care about my progress. I know I had them and don't feel that urge to get my status back.

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