• So, I was like "hey, what if they made another update to FTL? Better check it. Oh, last one was years ago. So, I guess none cares about this game anymore, if many people did they would have added something new. So sad." I mean, looks like developers gave up with this, but why? I thought this game had plenty of fans! Then I thought "I bet none plays FTL anymore. Maybe none even knows about it anymore... maybe I'm the last player. The last of my species!" Then I saw recent comments in this wiki, which means we aren't an extinct race! FTL fans didn't disappear from FTL universe! But my true question is: how many of us are still out there? What happened to FTL developers? Why did they stop developing? Is the race "FTL fan" going to be added to the game like lanius did? Shouldn't have I write "my true questions are" instead of "my true question is"? Do you think I know the answers to the two questions I made right before this one? Anyway, seriously talking, please answer, it would be great to know we're not going to disappear so easily.

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