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This is a Random Event.

Occurs in:

  1. Engi Controlled Sector
  2. Engi Homeworlds

What appeared to be a single damaged ship is in fact two ships that have smashed into each other... there is a flurry of comm signals and damage, and it's hard to determine what occurred. The vessels appear to be... Engi? They look locked together by the impact and can't free themselves.

  1. Attempt to help the ships by prying them apart.
    • To your surprise, one of the Engi vessels attacks! One ship detaches itself, surprisingly still quite whole, and opens fire - it looks like it's somehow identified you as hostile!
      • Fight an Engi ship.
        • (After destroying enemy ship) With the ship destroyed, the remaining Engi hails you frantically and explains the situation to you.
          (After killing enemy crew) With the ship disabled, the remaining Engi hails you frantically and explains the situation to you.
          • Apparently, you interrupted the equivalent of a "consolidation" of two ships that were using each other's parts to construct a new vessel. The Engi were not truly hostile, their targeting computers had not finished adjusting. There's nothing to be done about it now. You leave the remains for the surviving ship.
            • Nothing happens.
  2. Ignore the damaged vessels.
    • Nothing happens.
  3. (Engi Crew) Have your Engi crewmember hail the vessel and assess the damage.
    • Your Engi crewmember refuses. In a halting use of adjectives and nouns, followed by some animated holographic aids, the Engi explains the ships are... using each other to, loosely translated, "achieve a union." For some reason, this consolidation of ship matter sounds embarrassing and personal.
      • You elect to leave the two Engi ships... to their "business." After questioning your Engi crewmember, however, you do manage to salvage what scrap parts you can from the perimeter, even though you feel slightly dirty for doing so.


This event is called "ENGI_SEX" in the datafiles.