aka Erik

  • I live in Kansas
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer, Quality Assurance Tester, Aspiring Game Developer
  • I am Male

Hello there fellow space travellers!

FTL is one of my favorite games of all time, and as such, I have a passion for making sure other people know about it. To that end, I desire they know about the game ACCURATELY, which is why I joined this wiki in the first place.

Feel free to message me if something looks wonky and needs fixed. It's my pleasure to be able to assist.

MaleHuman1 Giraffasaur  PilotingSkill 9/13  EnginesRank1 9/13  ShieldsRank1 12/50  WeaponsSkill 20/58  RepairRank2 16/16  CombatSkill 5/7

Have you seen my Ship Comparison Chart? You should go check it out. I spent a lot of time on it.

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