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Hellos! My name is Carlo and Im not REALLY good at FTL but Im getting through somehow.

I love FTL and so far the best game I've ever played. At first thought I was a failure (20 games, 1 victory)...

Well... I dont know why I joined this page

My favorite page(s)[]

Ships I unlocked[]

  • Kestrel Cruiser (A, B, C)

    A Layouts

  • Engi Cruiser (A, B, C)
  • Federation Cruiser (A, B, C)
  • Zoltan Cruiser (A , B, C)
  • Mantis Cruiser (A)
  • Stealth Cruiser (A)
  • Lanius Cruiser (A)

    B Layouts

C Layouts

Custom Ships[]

This section belongs to customized (repainted) miniship versions of the FTL ships

  • Kestrel "Lemon" repaint

    Kestrel "Lemon"