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    FTL Ideas

    March 11, 2018 by Loudboom46



    Mutants come in 3 different forms, which all have their own advantages


    Sludge is a 6.5 to 7 foot slimy lifeform that takes the shape of a hulking man. It is extremely fast and comes in the colours of green and grey. Sludge cannot be killed by close combat and only be killed by indirect combat*, fire and suffocation. It also cannot man systems, and when it attacks an enemy it deals a fixed amount of 5 damage and does 10 damage to itself*. Due to sludge being extremely high, it takes up two crew slots. When a Sludge dies, it comes back within 5 jumps, but does not count towards your crew limit, and therefore does not count as part of your crew(if your crew dies and there is a living Sludge that has died, you will st…

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  • Loudboom46

    Hey. Today I'm going to be writing a little guide on how to defeat the rebel flagship with Engi criser type A ON EASY MODE.

    What you will need:

    • (at least)Level 1 teleporter + Mantis/Rock/Zoltan/Human with good fighting stats.
    • Beam weapon (Halberd beam is reccomended by me) + Hull breach I to II/Burst laser II to III.
    • (at least)Level 1 Cloaking.
    • (at least)Level 5 engines.
    • A reasonable amount of crew.
    • Max blast doors, max piloting and max sensors(if not possible, aim for max piloting only).
    • 3/4 Shield power.
    • 5/6 Weapon power.
    • A Defense drone Mk. I or II
    • A lot of reactor power.

    What helps:

    • Level 2 or more oxygen systems.
    • Crew manning all rooms + extra crew that meet the requirements above.
    • 2/3 Engi crewmembers.
    • 1/2 Rock crewmembers.
    • A missile weapon.
    • An Attack…
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  • Loudboom46

    Yeah, I'm back

    Anyway today I was playing FTL: Faster Than Light this morning and I encountered the Zoltan Border Patrol, which left me with this:

    So that got me thinking: this has happened about 5 times to me, and every time it happens, the results have been pretty catastrophic.

    So I decided to make an argument.


    I mean, what is the point of them attacking me when I could just state my business and they could let me pass, and by seeing my ship, they know they can't survive.

    SO WHY??

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  • Loudboom46


    January 15, 2018 by Loudboom46

    Yeah, I was just going in for a victory on Engi criuser type A, trying to get fed cruiser, yeah....

    So i get here after figting for a very long time:

    And guess what?

    • Flagship uses laser superweapon* Oh crap my ship is on fire *1HP left* NOOOOO I LOST

    Yeah, still getting over the rage. Wish I could go back in time lol. Anyway thats all from me so byeeeee FTLers!

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  • Loudboom46

    I was just making my way through a Slug nebula, when I saw this:

    I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?!"

    Thank god for the nebula, so I could hide. Obviously, I chose the second option.

    I looked it up later (on FANDOM, yes) and found it was a Pirate Mantis Bomber, and I'm pretty sure most of you think it's easy to destroy it, but answer me this then:

    Since when do Sector 6 pirates have as much health and shields as the freaking Rebel Flagship ??

    I thought only Elite Fighters did that!

    And since when did Mantis have OP ships even better than the ones that they already have??

    I'm not a pro with ships (you can't see it, but I'm using Engi Cruiser Type A), so I can't make a good argument that this ship is strong or not, but please leave your opinion…

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