This is a Random Event.

Occurs in:

  1. Zoltan Controlled Sector
  2. Zoltan Homeworlds
    in a Nebula.

Inside this nebula you detect a rogue planet drifting through space, on its surface a huge monolith visible at this distance even to the naked eye. A Zoltan elder hails you from the planet. "Through luck or intent, you have discovered the Great Eye. Look into its depths and receive your just deserts."

  1. Pull the ship in closer.
    • As you approach, an ancient alien voice speaks to you: "Your mission has brought you great battles, and great losses. This will help ease the pain." A few minutes later someone reports medical equipment has appeared on the ship!
    • You approach the planet and wait, but nothing happens. The Zoltan hail: "And in the coming times, when the monolith speaks not with a man he has no future and must be left wanting."
    • You approach the planet carefully, trying to keep your ship from breaking up in orbit. The monolith, whatever it is, must sense as much because the next thing you know you have enough scrap to patch up your damage and more besides!
      • You receive a high amount of scrap.
    • As you approach, a kaleidoscope of colours fills the view-screen and one of your crew begins to age rapidly in reverse, eventually disappearing into nothingness. Let's hope they've transcended physical existence, and not just been forced out of it.
      • You lose 1 random crew member.
        • (Clonebay) You check your Cloning Bay but it lies dormant. Whatever just happened to your crewmember must be irreversible.
  2. Leave
    • Your mission is to save the Federation, not discover new wonders around the galaxy. You prepare to jump.
      • Nothing happens.


This event is called "NEBULA_ZOLTAN_EYE" in the datafiles.

The monolith "eye" is probably a reference to the monolith standing at the center of the "Eye" of Iapetus (a moon of Saturn) in Arthur C Clarke's novel version of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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