Zoltan Shields are special shields that can prevent teleportation and give the player some time to prepare for the battle. The Zoltan Shield can only get its health back by using an FTL jump. The Rebel Flagship uses a more powerful version of this, but only on phase 3.
Sell value: Ftlgame-scrap 40
"An unexplained technology creates this nearly impenetrable shield. Only the energy outbursts from an FTL engine are powerful enough to recharge it."
  • Upon arrival at a beacon, the Zoltan Shield will grant 5 points of shielding that can absorb all weapon types, including missiles and beams, but takes twice as much damage from ion weapons. The shield does NOT recharge until you jump to a new beacon.
    • Advanced Edition Content: The Shield Overcharger drone will regularly add 1 point of Super Shield over time. It takes longer to add layers depending on how many layers you already have, going from 8s at 0 layers up to 20s at 4 layers.
  • Beam weapons do two room damage to the shield (including the Anti-Bio Beam, Fire Beam and Artillery Beam) so a Glaive Beam is the only beam weapon that can defeat the Zoltan Shield in one hit and still potentially do damage.
  • Crew cannot board a ship with an active Zoltan Shield, with two exceptions.
    • Certain events allow enemy crew members to board your ship.
    • Advanced Edition Content: The Zoltan Shield Bypass augmentation grants the ability to penetrate via crew, bombs and mind control.
  • Leaving and returning to an area with an enemy ship that has a Zoltan Shield will cause the enemy's shield to replenish.
  • Pulsar waves cannot penetrate the Zoltan Shield, but will quickly strip it.
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